Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meant to Bee...

My friend Debbie's daughter is getting married in a few months.  Her daughter's nickname is "Bee" so that is the theme for her Bridal Shower.  It's a cute theme to go with and the color combination of black and yellow is so fun and fresh. 

Debbie had a bunch of decorations she's been gathering in mostly the colors of black and yellow so she came over tonight and we cut out some accent pieces with my Cricut and the Walk in My Garden cartridge. 

A family friend made some centerpieces so we glued a bee to a kitchen skewer and it seemed like that was all they needed.

 This pictures a little blurry but here's a closer shot of the bee in the vase.

I cut out a little wedding saying, Mr. & Mrs. from the Sweetheart cartridge. The words were cut out at 5" and I cut a shadow so it would stand out.  The beehive was cut at 7" and also cut a shadow. The little tiny bee is from the "card" option on the cartridge. I think I cut it at 1".

I hope to get back to my sewing project tomorrow night.  Juggling crafts is hard to do!  lol


The Other Barb said...

How cute !

Robin said...

omg so cute!! what a good friend you are :) and you are SO right...juggling crafts is an art in itself! lol