Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you organizing with the New Year?

Seems like everyone is motivated to organize at the beginning of every year.  January does that to us, right?  New beginnings, clean slate, start over, yada, yada.  I haven't really gotten to organizing my craft or sewing room even though it needs it REALLY badly but I feel like I just got the Christmas decorations put away and I'm not ready to plunge into that just yet.  

I did spend last craft night doing some sorting with my buddy, Neena.  Instead of making cards, we sorted through our stash boxes.  I have been wanting to send out birthday cards to family and friends every year so this year I decided I better jot down the birthdays and pick out cards for the birthday person so they are ready to get in the mail for their 'special day'.  I still have a little time before the first birthday so hopefully, I can get this tast finished on time to get the first one sent out.  I do have to make several more cards now though.  I'm short masculine and kid cards.  Guess I better schedule some more playtime!

And since woman does not live by playing with paper alone, I got in my sewing room today and got to stay in there all day!  I was a happy camper!  I finished my little wallhanging mystery from Temecula Quilt Co.  I wish I would've used a different fabric for the border, something a little darker maybe but I didn't know if I would keep this little quilt so I kept going onto the quilting.

I got it spray basted and under the needle.  Got it started by 'stitching in the ditch' but had to quit to get ready for the work-week.  :o(

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Michelle said...

Love your little Temecula mini!! Very cute!