Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cleaning and sorting

Argh, I hate doing it but sometimes I just "have" to clean up! I'd much rather be playing, let me tell you! Just like a little kid! :o)

So, we're cleaning up the storage shed in the backyard and having some sprinklers and plants put in. Nothing fancy like Home & Garden but it's an improvement so no complaints from me! It is loooong overdue. I'd share some pictures with you but it's scary and I don't know if people who read this blog have a good heart. You might not be able to handle it!!

The shed has held bins of 'stuff' from our girls while they were little up to when they were off to college or when we had one of the great floods (from the washer hose or toilet) in our house, I would pack up stuff from file cabinets or wherever with the thought that I would go through it "one day". If that wasn't enough, two of our three daughters had accidents during their college years and they were pretty serious (but thankfully they are all okay now) and they came back home to live for a little while. When that happened I packed up my sewing room and like a kid at Christmas, I just found some of those goodies in the sorting. Sniff, sniff.....brings a tear to my eye. hehe

This printer drawer has been hanging up in my sewing room for a few years now. I found it at an estate sale. I put some thimbles and collectibles in it but I was missing thimbles people had brought me. It was one of the things I packed up when I swapped sewing rooms a few years ago. Now that I unpacked the ziplock of thimbles that are so precious, my little drawer looks nice and full.

I love these little scissors and the sewing machine is from when my girls played Barbies. You wind it up and the needle really goes up and down. So darn cute!

I need to dust and clean off my shelf so I can put my little Singer sewing machines up. I missed them too.

I have already put some things aside that I need to either sell or gift to friends and family. They are cute but not enough room is this itty bitty sewing room. I've already "oozed" things in the entry way, dining room, etc. I'm thinking my hubby might notice. LOL

I used to collect Lucy & Me bears. I have them wrapped up and buried somewhere around here. I should probably decide what to do with them too but that can wait. I will keep these two and try to find a good spot for them.

Well, I better get busy. Just wanted to let you know I'm alive and being a "Busy Liz"!!! :o)


Impera_Magna said...

I don't envy you your organizing job but it will be wonderful when you're all done and everything is in its place! Love that printer's drawer and all the little things on it!

The Other Barb said...

It actually sounds like fun to go through & find treasures that have been stored away.
I too have a printers drawer but it's in my kitchen filled with all kinds of treasures. Among the treasures are 2 thimbles. That's the extent of my thimble collection. Yours looks facinating!