Monday, June 27, 2011

20 days without a check-in??? oh my, how time flies! It's not like I've been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I've been a very BusyLiz!!! My daughter Kelley was planning on throwing a surprise bridal shower (tea party theme) for her friend Brenda. We had been busting our chops fixing up our little backyard for the event. We never really had much happening in our backyard because we had two dogs and travelled so much with our girls for softball. Well, those softball days are long gone and we had to put down one of the dogs a while back but we never really did anything with the yard until this bridal shower was planned. I guess it was just what we needed to get some things done around here. Our humble abode is just that, humble but I'll share pictures anyway. Oh, and the shower was postponed because the bride-to-be decided she had to have her gallbladder out!!!! Okay, the doctors decided but still, the shower will be at a later date. You know, when it's 100 degrees outside. Ain't that the way it goes!! LOL

We had blocks stacked in the backyard but not in use so we had the gardener stack them up against the back wall to create a planter. (I'm getting too old for that kind of stuff!!). We didn't have a way to cut the blocks so they aren't staggered like they should be but that's okay. I got some flowering plants that will stay green all year (if my brown thumbs stay away) but are all in bloom now. We also planted some annuals for added color. I can't wait for everything to fill in. The tree on the left is an apricot and the one on the right is a peach. Yum! Probably only have to wait two years to get some fruit! :o(

Mostly, we planted agapanthis in lavender and white, a stephanotis on the trellis and a couple of hedge roses (pink). We put lights up for fun and got a new canopy on the patio. We've had some warm weather and I'm thinking we need to see where the drip system is because it seems to be missing a few of the plants. We've had a few casualties.....

And some over-achievers......

Besides all of the work in the garden, I made new cushions for the patio set. I was trying to figure out a way to make them without attaching them to the wooden base my husband cut out for me two years ago but stapling the fabric down was easiest. I guess I'll just make new cushions every couple of years or until I figure out a way to do it without attaching them to the plywood. I got the fabric at Joann's with a coupon and reused the foam. So for about $15.00, I got pretty new cushions.

We touched up the chair frames with a little Rustoleum and ta-da, pretty seating! This set was a cast off from my BIL's dad when he passed away. I grabbed it up and have enjoyed it ever since. They just don't make stuff as sturdy as they used to.

AND.....I made two graduation cards yesterday. I know most people are past graduation but I had a few cards come in over the last few days so I'll tuck a little som'thin inside and get them in the mail.

I used my Big Shot to cut out the shaped pieces, called Top Note. The printed papers I used are from Joann's and the solids are Stampin' Up! I used my SU! tag punch to cut out the "You did it!" sentiment and had been saving these itty bitty paper clips for something. They were perfect for this card.

Now that all the yard stuff is done, I need to pull the fabric out for those bridesmaid bags I need to make. I put them up when I was doing all this other stuff but I guess it worked out okay. The wedding isn't until November and now when it's 100 degrees and too hot to be outside, I can sit in my air conditioned house and sew away the hours. :o)


The Other Barb said...

your backyard looks nice. you have been busy!

Michelle said...

Your back yard looks very cute, Liz! You sure have been busy!