Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter....almost

I've been busy helping with things for my youngest daughter's wedding like picking bridesmaid dresses so I'm a little absent lately from Blogland. Sometimes stuff happens in life that takes away from posting. But I'm putting on my brakes to make some treats for Easter. We are having a family picnic on Saturday, weather permitting. It was supposed to be a lovely 72 degrees and the last news report was drizzles and 62. We'll see who wins, us or Mother Nature.

I love looking at blogs and love when people share their of charge, of course! :o) Blogs are great for finding little goodies you can make and share with your family. I found two such sites with cute little freebies I'll pass on to you in case you would like to print and share too!

First, some cute little Peep packs that I thought were perfect for a little family treat. :o) Personally, I don't like Peeps but there are plenty out there that do and heck, even if you don't, these are too cute to pass up. If you can't see the saying from my picture, the website link below has great pictures.
You can find the download on this website. I bought my Peeps at Target but didn't find any Bunny Peeps. I did find lots of colors though so that brightened up my little wire basket.
I also found these cute little toppers. I filled snack size baggies with m&m's, Starburst jelly beans and pastel Hershey Kisses. I just printed them on regular 67 pound cardstock from Office Depot and got the download on this website. And nothing fancy for assembly either. I just stapled them at the bottom.

If you use any of the downloads, I'm sure if you posted a little 'thank you' comment, the creators would appreciate it. Off to chop veggies for potato salad. Happy Easter and I hope you all are able to spend the day with friends and the sunshine. :o)


Conni said...

These are so cute, Liz, and will be fun additions to the picnic!

AC said...

Thank you for featuring the toppers! Awesome cardmaking skills! Such beautiful cards! :)

Robin said...

I love peeps!!! great job on the packaging Liz!

Angela said...

Cute stuff!Have a great time at your picnic Yogie. Tell the ranger I said hello :o)

Mary Beth @ Nothing But Country said...

So glad you enjoyed our tags!! So nice to see photos of others using them too. HAPPY EASTER!!

Mary Beth @ Nothing But Country