Thursday, April 22, 2010

Got gifts?

I do!!!!! And they are all just WONDERFUL. I feel like it's my birthday or something! :o)

My friend Carolyn made these adorable Redwork tea towels for me. She bought her daughter an embroidery machine for Christmas last year so I guess they have both been having fun playing with it. And I was the lucky recipient of the playtime. Well, at least one of the recipients!

My buddy Sherrie went to a retreat with Carolyn a few weeks ago so she brought them home to me. Here is a shot of one of the borders. You can barely see the other border in the first picture. It looks like a serpentine stitch with little bows on it. Very sweet, to match the embroidery designs.

And I got these goodies too. A page of scrapbook stickers to celebrate my heritage. LOL I am such a 'white' Mexican, these stickers are a joke.

Sherrie brought one of these little strawberries to everyone at the retreat.

As if being a cute little strawberry wasn't enough, it's a little shopping bag!!! Can you stand it?

And the little selvage tube you see is a pincushion Carolyn made. I've been saving my selvages too and had my sister save me some while she worked on her quilt projects. I was going to make either some blocks or a little make-up bag out of mine. This is a very cute idea too.

All those goodies AND I won $25 at Bunco last night. If I was a gambler, I'd head to Vegas but I'm I won't. LOL
Tonight is sewing night (TNT) and my buddy Neena will be over. I'll work on my embroidery tonight so I can try and get my block done. I have April's block here and it hasn't been touched. Argh......


3anklebiters said...

i'm so jealous of your good fortune. LOL. absolutely the cutest towels!

peggy said...

I LOVE your teatowels...I have so many, I should do some embroidery on them. Carolyn is so talented :)
I can't believe that strawberry is a garbage cute!