Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shoebox Exchange

I put away my sewing machine for a little while to have a card party of sorts. I had a shoebox exchange with some friends today. We started out with an easy lunch and then got to stamping, folding and gluing.

Here's the group holding up the card we made - Viviana (Neena's granddaughter), Becca, Monica, Susan, Sherrie, Neena, Kelley and me.

To do the exchange we just put all the supplies in a shoebox for a card of our choice. You had to include the stamps, ink, embelleshments, etc. Then we each took a turn giving instructions on how to make the card we brought. We already had all the paper cut to make it easier. We all went home with 8 great cards!
Almost all of the cards are better colors than the way my camera shows them. We had such a great time. If you do this, eight is most I would have do this. With having lunch and making the cards, we got done in about 4 1/2 hours. Mostly we wanted to do it because we have the supplies for making cards but never get around to it. Then when something comes up, I'm at Hallmark buying one for three or four dollars! Grrrrrrrr. lol


Conni said...

This looks like so much fun!! And everyone left with an assortment of cards (not just birthday ones!!).

ojaiquilter said...

Let me know when you have these parties, it looks like alot of fun. Issie