Friday, September 19, 2008

Chuggin' Away

Sewing night was at my house this week. I had my machine moved out to the dining room and then what? What to work on since I have five million unfinished projects and a list from here to China to do?? Well, first I sewed two little 4 patches together to finish the pattern on my design wall. Then.....on my sewing room table were these lovely little "parts". They have been on the table since July when I went to Camp Watchapatcher with my sister (who, by the way, has her blocks all sewed together and her top done already! She's such an over achiever!) Yes, I'm jealous. You could tell huh? lol
Well, I didn't count but I think I got about 10 of these units sewed together. I'll finish the stack (sometime) and then put the arc pieces on. It's so nice to have so much to choose from and not be bored with the same old stuff under my needle. Yeah, that's it!
How good are you at knowing block names? Someone on one of the Yahoo groups shared a link for this test. My sorry block knowlege only got 20 out of 30. Guess I better hit the quilt books and study harder! Good luck.

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Janet Wickell said...

Hey Liz, I love these blocks -- it's one of my favorites but I keep putting off a quilt (I'd like to do a mini). It's my quiz you mentioned (thank you for the link) -- and 20 out of 30 isn't bad at all, because some of them were a bit obscure. -Janet W