Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Decisions, Decisions!!!

Now that my sewing room is cleaned up, I thought I would go through the bin where some of my quilt tops are stored. I don't know about you but I have the hardest time with the quilting part of well, quilting! lol My friend Sherrie has a longarm and I get to use it whenever I want. But in this day and age, where longarm quilters are artists and quilts are so heavily quilted, I feel like I do my poor little quilt tops an injustice by just meandering. Isn't that a pitiful statement? That I would rather have quilt tops in bins, rather then have them finished because I don't want them to all be meandered or stitched in the ditch? I decided to get over it!
I pulled out the first two quilt tops; my stack-n-whack and one called Sunshine & Blue Skies, a blue and yellow split nine patch. The nine patch will probably be first to get quilted. It'll be the easier of the two. Here's a picture of that one in my webshots folder, here. It doesn't look very complicated, does it? I kept thinking I wanted some wavy lines in the blue for water and some kind of sun thingie in the yellow. I'll probably meander it. lol But it'll be done, right?
But this darned stack-n-whack...well, that's a different story. I can figure out the stars. I'll just go around the designs in each block. But there is so much room around the outside edges. I didn't want to just meander it but I guess that's what I'll do so it's out of the bin! I'll just keep telling myself that "Meandering can be your friend!!"


peggy said...

Both quilts are wonderful and need to be quilted and out where they can be admired. I do agree with you that you need to "get over" the fancy quilting everyone else does and just git em done!!!

The tablecloth is great....It would look nice in my kitchen too :)

Kris said...

Wow, I give you a lot of credit for quilting your own quilts! I took a class, but that's one thing I can't/don't want to do.

Your quilts are gorgeous!!!


Rhonda said...

I love your Sunshine and Blue Skies quilt....I'm a bit like you. I love the process of building the quilt top, chosing the colors, cutting, trimming, sewing the piecies together....all that, but that's as far as I "want" to go....LOL....I love looking at all my quilt tops.....crazy but true.