Friday, April 11, 2008

Sewing Night

Yummmmy! What's better then sewing night? Dessert on sewing night. lol This week we were at my friend Sherrie's house. She made this deeeeelicious strawberry pie for dessert. She said she got it out of a Jello recipe book. Man, was it yummy. Between getting a buzz off that java and eating dessert, I was working on some bowtie blocks for a swap. What else? Another swap. If I ever get any of these blasted blocks into a quilt, it'll be a miracle!!! lol
Sherrie invited two other ladies to join us this week. Marianne came over. She is from our local sewing machine store, Moore's. She is from Denmark and has been in CA for two years. I can't believe how many times we had to translate something we said. They teach English in Denmark but obviously, we don't speak English. LOL We speak something that needs it's own translation! Marianne was making the most adorable Christmas items (yup, I said Christmas) to sell to a shop in Solvang. She was making heart ornaments and stockings. They were adorablve. The other lady who joined us was a newbie quilter, Teresa. She is the mom of one of Sherrie's daughters friends. (Is that too many plurals? lol) She is like us and has the gift of gab and talked with us into the wee hours of the night.
The other regulars are our friends Neena and Debbie. Neena didn't feel good so she stayed home and Debbie came but didn't bring a project to work on. Shortly after she settled in, Sherrie handed Debbie her wall hanging and said, "How are you at handwork?" lol She got her a needle and thread and had her stitch up the bottom edge of her quilt sleeve. Man, don't sit idle around here. And she calls "me" the quilt police!!!!


Conni said...

That dessert looks yummy!! Could you post the recipe??

Christie said...

LOL---Quilt Police---Watch out! I'm sleepy right now, but there's a joke in there somewhere! Maybe by the time retreat gets here, I'll have it ready for some stand-up comedy!!!