Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One down, 15 to go!

I'm going to a retreat in Indiana in a few weeks. California to Indiana....kind of a long way for a retreat huh? Well, it's a great group of ladies and very much worth the trip. Some ladies I've met in person and the woman organizing it is a doll. One of those people you feel lucky to have met and fortunate to have her as a friend. (In case she's reading this, her name is Doris!) LOL Just kidding Ange. Some of us met at prior retreats and the ladies are a hoot and a lot of fun to hang out with and sew into the wee hours. Other ladies have just chatted online but we feel like long-time friends. It'll be fun to finally meet some of them in person. Sheesh....I ramble, don't I? lol
We are swapping these cute little double pinwheel blocks in 30's fabrics. They measure 4 1/2" and are too cute. They're paper pieced and this one went pretty quick. I'll be working on these for the next few days. For now, I'm off to bed to get some zzzz's so I can keep from nodding off at my desk tomorrow. My boss hates hearing that thud! ;o)


Michelle said...

Your pinwheel looks perfect! I love the fabric! Can you believe 4 weeks until retreat! Woohoo!

peggy said...

I love your pinwheels...your fabric is just too cute!!!
27 days till the fun begins!!!
Can't wait to see you then.

Angela said...

You could have at least printed my last name...DAY! LOLOL

3anklebiters said...

love those pinwheels! so jealous of those who can get away to retreats. have a great time!

greetingarts said...

Ha, Doris, that's funny! Good one, Liz. Very cute pinwheels, can you stuff me in your suitcase? Oh, shoot. Then you'd have no room for the fabric. Ah, well. We must have our priorities! :0)