Thursday, January 17, 2008

Late Christmas or Early Birthday?

Is it just me or is red the best color in the world??? :o) After Christmas I went on-line and found this great set of 4 dishtowels at The white pitcher was $14.99 before Christmas and I bought it thinking I'd use it for a gift for our family gathering but found something else instead. Of course, I wasn't going to send the pitcher baaaack! I would've had to pay shipping. I threw away the box. Um, I had grown attached. lol

Now, can you see that adorable little crocheted red dress? That was an early birthday gift that came today from a sweet friend of mine, Angela at Isn't it cute? And doesn't it just fit right in? I LOVE it! She is so talented. She does all kinds of prim stuff so I'm not sure if making this was taking her outside of her comfort zone or not..........but I'm so glad she made it!

My sis is coming in tonight on the train to stay the night and tomorrow we're off for Road to California, our biggest quilt show. I've got my loot in my wallet, my camera charged and my sneakers dusted off and I'm ready to go. (Most people don't have to dust off their sneakers but mine aren't used for anything resembling exercise so you get the picture.) I'll take lots of pictures so check back soon.


Angela said...

Happy Early Birthday! You know I am picturing you doing stretches and jogging in place getting ready for your shopping marathon. LOL Is that the Chariots of Fire music I hear playing???????? Go Rocky go!

3anklebiters said...

red is the best color ever! have a great time at Road to Cali. take lots of pictures so i can live vicariously.