Thursday, January 24, 2008

Danbury Mint meets Ideal!

It's all my sisters fault!! She told me before Christmas that she found a Shirley Temple doll on ebay and that I should go look. She sent me a link and the rest is history. Two Shirley Temple dolls, seven outfits and a doll trunk later, I decide that my older sister has more influence over me than I thought! hehe

Here's how it happened. I bid on a 14" Danbury Mint (DM) Shirley in a Wee Willie Winkie outfit and won. I'll post her pic later. A week or more later, I found 6 outfits in one lot but they don't say what size doll they fit and I assume since they are also DM that they would fit my doll. Wrong! I won that auction, got the package but they look a little big. My poor little Shirley was swimming in her clothes. Interesting. I called my sister and she tried an outfit she had gotten on a vinyl Shirley doll she had from the 70's and wah-lah, they fit her perfectly. So back to ebay I go, this time with a search of a 16" Ideal Shirley Temple doll. Once again, I won!! Doesn't anyone else bid on ebay! Somebody stop me! lol

The "Ideal" Shirley arrived yesterday and is pictured here. She said she likes the name "Ideal Shirley". :o) By the looks of her hair, it must've been a rought trip but it combed up nice and the curls came right back. She had on a different dress when she arrived so we put her in this lovely little DM outfit from the movie Curly Top. It is a perfect fit, as are her undies that came with this outfit. I'd show you but Shirley said I am way over the top with my camera. hehe


Angela said...

I love you, you know that. My girls think their new cousin Shirley is very cute and you NEEDED her.

greetingarts said...

You sneak, you! Did you tell me you had a blog and I forgot? Or did you NOT TELL ME? :0) Here, I had to go and find it on my stats referral page...

You are too funny. About the dolls, I mean. So, are you adding this to the receipt tin, too, or does this not count?

Kris said...

Hi Liz - You won my drawing for the Mary Engelbreit panel! Email me your address so I can get it out to you! Congrats!!!

BusyLiz said...

Angela, I'm glad that the "girls" approve of cousin Shirley. I guess I better get my other little one's picture posted or I might go home to the little 14" dolly with a bald head! lol

Michelle (greetingarts), I didn't mean to hold out on you. I thought I told you. rolly eyes!