Sunday, February 9, 2014

Craft Space Redo

I've been so busy and have been taking pictures of projects but just haven't sat down (empty handed) to post them on my blog.  "Empty handed" because after work, I am usually holding little Emily for a while.  Gotta have priorities, right?
A few weeks ago, I redid my spare bedroom that is now my bedroom until my hubby comes back from Turkey.  I packed all the 'stuff' sitting around the room and piled it on the bed.  I took down the small 4' table you can see in the left of the photo and got started.
I got me some handy-dandy tools and put a desk together from Ikea.  (Yes, I made another "couple" of trips there!)  lol
I put together this end unit for one side of the desk.  I already had a drawer unit I was using under the 4' table for the other side.
I had three kitchen rails up for punches.  Yup, these are my punches.  I put up more rails and a couple of DVD racks for stamp sets.  I'm telling you, if I didn't have hobbies, I'd have million dollar purses or shoes or something else that I would spend my money on.  Maybe a mansion.  I wouldn't save it so I might as well spend it on something.  And now that I'll be retired in a few weeks, I hope I'll have more time to spend playing with these toys!
I keep my Stampin' Up! ribbon separate from my craft store ribbon because it matches my inks and markers.  It makes it easier to coordinate my projects.
Here is the desk put together.  It comes with a leg for the center of the table but I purchased an extra one for more support.  I drilled new holes so I could add one to the front and back.  I figured if I'm pressing down stamping, I don't want the table to give and this is working great.

This is working out really good so far.  I have room to use my Cricut or Sillouette or room for stamping, computer work, etc.  So far, two thumbs up.

I still have some sorting to do.  I need to sort through my ribbons, wooden stamp sets, etc., etc.  I swear, it's an unending job.  If I keep bringing it in, I guess I better get some out too!

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