Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I doubt I will go out and celebrate tonight but you never know what kind of invitations the day will bring.  lol  Me and my friend Debbie usually spend New Year's Eve with our hubbies playing games and going to Downtown Fullerton where they close off the streets and have a fireworks display at midnight.  This year with Richard in Turkey, I think I'll just stay home and sew. 

Here is my big fireworks display....

I will say goodbye to 2013 with a thankful heart.  Even though my hubby left to go to another country to work, we have traveled to beautiful places I never even "thought" I would want to see much less have a chance to get there.  I have had a beautiful granddaughter and the bonus is she lives right here in my house so I can get my kisses and hug-fix any time I want. 

2014 will be exciting.  I will get to quit my job.  If I can stand to be away from little Emily for very long, I will go see Richard a few times this year and we will do have more traveling, mostly on the company's dime.  (Such a perk)

God Bless each and every one of you.  May you have a safe and Happy New Year and "prosperous" 2014....so we can buy more fabric and craft stuff.  lol


Terry said...

I'm staying home and sewing too! And maybe watching a movie or two. Happy New Year Liz! :0)

Robin said...

I'll be home sewing with you and Terry! Happy New Year Liz!

Michelle said...

Happy new year! You're leaving your job this year?! How excited you must be. So much to catch up on, I didn't know you get to snuggle that cutie baby whenever you want. Hope 2014 is exciting, happy and healthy for you all, I miss you!