Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Fun

I hostessed our Bunco Christmas party last Wednesday.  There have been a few times when I wasn't the hostess but for the most part, December is at my house.  I actually like doing it in December because it gets me "moving" to decorate the house and get the tree up.  As our girls got older, finding the motivation to do it has been tough.  This helps nudge me.  :o)

We do a gift exchange/Dirty Santa game with a $20 limit.  I stole this adorable little sugar/creamer snowman.  His hat is a bowl, his head is a bowl and I guess you could use the body as a cup but I think I will put Equal or sugar packets in there.  He even has a spoon!  Adorable, right?

My daughter Kelley and I did two craft shows in December.  This is her with all her cute 'stuff'.  That is behind us and we've moved onto Christmas shopping.  The money we made has come in handy but we didn't get rich.  It's a tough way to make money, that's for sure.  Kelley does sell her stuff on a website if you like adorable art.  www.kellsworthink.com.   

I went to a yard sale in my neighborhood a few Friday's ago.  I saw a box if rustic picture frames and called Kelley to see if she wanted them to frame her artwork.  The lady was selling them in a 'lot' for $10.00.  That included about 8 frames that were 5x7 openings and 3 that looked to be 10x10.  Kelley liked the picture I sent her so I bought them. 

When I pulled them out of the box, I saw some had hearts glued to them.  Obviously, these were from a wedding.  I had to send Kelley a picture of the hearts.  Kelley's boyfriend is Jason. He is an IT guy who's trying to finish school and then they'll make plans to get married, God willing (as my mom used to say). She would like something small and vintage-like and she loves the carnival theme that has been quite popular lately.  These might be saved for a "someday" wedding instead of artwork.  They're already decorated for the bride and groom.  K+J  lol

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