Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post Surgery Check-in

Hi friends. I know I've seen some of you on fb so you know I'm alive but for those of you who don't fb, here I am!!

Today marks three weeks from my surgery date. I'm doing really well, walking 1-3 miles per day. Walk, walk, walk.....that is what is on my doctor's orders. It actually feels so good to walk, and the weather here has been gorgeous so it's easy to get out at least twice a day. I still can't sit for longer than about 30 minutes, so reading is limited and crafting is nonexistent. :-(

This little steering wheel looking thing is a bone generator.  I have to strap it once a day for 30 minutes.  I do this at home and not while I'm walking otherwise I might have little boys chasing me down the street trying to steer the old lady right and left!!!  lol

When I have completed my 30 minutes successfully, I get to see this little happy face.  Now doesn't that just make life worth while?

Saturday morning when I was out walking, there were several yard sales. I was only going to walk around one block because I woke up a little sore.  Somehow my injury disappeared when I saw these three chairs!!!  I hurried home and told my hubby, "Get the Suburban! Somebody has the cutest chairs at a sale!".  He is such a good guy, he didn't even question me. (Years of marriage, I guess he knows me!).

The photo above is when the chairs are folded up, which makes it oh, so convenient to store them when not in use.  And below is what they look like when opened up.  They remind me of ice cream parlor chairs.  There's a little rust so I guess I should spray them with a coat of rustoleum but I kind of like the shabby look.  And then the cherry lover in my sees them red!  I will let them sit while I recuperate and decide on a paint color later. 

Well, I just wanted to check-in and say hello, I'm doing fine and hope you are too.  Guess I better get my morning walk in cuz here comes the sun!


The Other Barb said...

Good to see you on blogland & know that you are doing well.
Love those chairs!

Milah Frost said...

Good to hear from you and glad your surgery went well. Keep walking and stay off those chairs until the doc says you can sit longer.

Impera_Magna said...

I'm glad to hear you're recovering so well.... and LOVE those chairs! They're fab!!!

Conni said...

Crazy looking contraption for your back! Glad it is helping. I, too, love the chairs. Glad Richard was so willing to help you out!