Friday, December 17, 2010

Disneyland at Christmas

My friend Susan invited me to Disneyland with a free pass. It was beeeeeautiful! Here are just a few pictures to let you know I'm alive. I'm at my sister's house baking Christmas cookies so I'll be back soon, hopefully before Christmas to say hello again!

The tree on Main Street (looking up from the base).
It's a Small World all done up in sparkly lights. So pretty.

Merry Christmas!!!


greetingarts said...

Oooh, so pretty! Our passes expired before we had a chance to enjoy the Christmas decorations, boo hoo. Maybe we (by "we" I mean Grandma) will renew and go before they take them down, but it won't be the same... hope you're having fun baking cookies, say hi to your sis for me!

The Other Barb said...

beautiful pictures . going there must have put you in such a festive Chrismas mood.