Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snow Covered Mountains

Or course, I can't see them with my huge commute I make to work. I barely get a glimpse. Can you see them? Yeah, me either. This is Harbor Blvd. It will take you to Disneyland if you were traveling the other direction. Me? I'm going to work. Is there a law about taking pictures while driving? lol

Okay, how about this picture? This is the front page of today's paper. I never buy a paper. I can't believe it's up to 75 cents!!! Where have I been? The snow is from Monday, when we got some much needed rain. I can see these beautiful mountains if I hop on the freeway but I haven't had to go too far from home lately. My drive to work is 2.4 miles. My hubby, who drives 40 miles one way, doesn't feel very sorry for me.

Monday, I picked up these two little star hook things at Tall Mouse. If you're not from around the So. Cal area, that's like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I think they are supposed to be towel or coat hooks but the hook part looked big enough to hold a curtain rod so I bought them. They cost me around $11.00. Just trying to help the economy you know! :o) Then I picked up a curtain rod from Target. I've been wanting to hang up some quilts around the house but don't have much wall space. This is in the entryway.

It brightens up the spot a little bit and now I can hang up smaller quilts and change them out when I want something different. When I was ready to test out the rod and hang up a quilt, I realized two that I had in mind for this, the Stack 'n Whack quilt and my little 30's table cloth quilt, don't have a quilt sleeve on the back. Roh-Roh Relroy...back to the sewing room!


Angela said...

Hey I know that quilt! Great idea and I love the stars.

Conni said...

How fun, Liz! Glad you are getting to enjoy some of the fruits of your quilting labor!! And a great idea for hanging your quilts!

ojaiquilter said...

Cute Stars. The curtain rings I was telling you about will fit on that rod. I like being able to see my quilts hanging around lol

Anita said...

Love the stars! And the quilt is great too

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tall Mouse.Went there just yesterday. $160 later, I came home with lots of goodies. WOOHOO
Great quilt and love the hanger. I have several of those stars. I need to use them.