Sunday, May 4, 2008

Birthday and Packing

Happy Birthday Kelley. Our first born child turned 29 today. How can she be 29?? Seems like only yesterday she was riding her big wheel or swimming in the doughboy until her hands were all shriveled up. She also loved to read and draw and though the big wheel isn't around anymore, colored pencils and books still are. She is an avid reader and is our artistic child. We got her a very expensive Gocco printing machine thingy for her birthday so she can print her own cards and t-shirts? Maybe now I'll get some of her artwork. :o) It's true what they say about their toys getting more expensive when they grow up but I thought that only pertained to guys! Guess not. And here's some fabric I had been collecting to make this Table Cloth Quilt. I bought the hanky and some of the fabrics at Road last year. I pulled the rest from my stash. I'm trying to get some kits together for my upcoming retreat in Indiana. I made a mess in my room! Hopefully, I can do some sorting and cutting so I don't have to pack up everything. Fabric weighs a lot and we're flying so I have to make sure I leave room in the suitcase for clothes! lol Wish me luck! Remember when paper clothes were popular in the 60's? Oh good grief, are you too young to remember? lol Yeah, me too but I remember hearing about them. hehe Here, read this. I might have to bring them back in style. They're lighter. I can throw them away when I'm done wearing them. And they don't take up much room which is important because you "know" there will shopping happening in Indiana!! LOL


peggy said...

Happy Birthday Kelley!! What a beautiful young lady!!!

I LOVE your fabrics Liz...can't wait to see your kit.

OH, and forget about this body getting into paper clothes...I cringe just thinking about it :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Kelley! They grow up so fast, don't they?

I'm right there with you with your dilema...clothes, fabric? clothes, fabric? LOL You know fabric will win! Think anyone will care if we wear the same outfit all 5 days? :)